What Happens After My Portrait Session?

So, your photo session is done and you’re wondering: what happens next? 

Well, firstly, you’ll come back to the studio screening room, sit back, have a cup of tea and relax while we show you your images, carefully set to music – each has already been edited ready for printing and framing. Some colour, some black and white. Our team will be with you throughout to help and advise if you’re undecided or finding it difficult – our clients often find it overwhelming seeing so many images that they love:  don’t worry. We’re used to it and we’ll help.

If you’re looking for a frame (or a set of frames) for your home, you need to have measured the wall but everything else we can help with. From the selection of your images, the style of frame, layouts and finishes, we are there on hand with a tape-measure and some very clever software tools to that help you visualise the final items.

Our frames adorn people’s homes across the globe so rest assured, we’ll help you create something truly beautiful that you will love for many many years to come!


Single Image Frame

Always our most popular wall-art, a single beautiful image in a custom-made frame as a statement piece. With a wide range of frame styles and mounts, it can be daunting but our team will help you pick out a finish that suits both your selected image and your home.

Multi-Image Frame

If you have limited space or are simply finding it impossible to decide which image would be your choice for a frame, why not select a multi-image frame? These versatile frames can incorporate between 9 and 12 images and, if one of our existing templates doesn’t suit you selection, we’ll custom design one for you. Why have just one image on the wall when you can have so much more?


Framed Canvas

If you’d like a wonderful statement piece for the wall that is a blend of the modern with just a touch of the traditional then a Framed Canvas always looks magnificent in any interior.  The print is a fine-art giclee canvas that mounted and stretched in the frame. The canvas has tensioning wedges so it will always look pristine even after many years on a wall.


Edge-To-Edge Image Frame

If you are looking for something with clean lines and an uncluttered modern finish, these frames with an edge-to-edge image (there is no mount) look stunning in any home and, with the image stretching to the full extent of the frame, impact really is the order of the day

Acrylic Orb

The cleanest, ultra-modern finish for your photographs. These crystal-clear, high-gloss circular acrylics suit any modern interior. They look completely at home in a lounge or study amongst high-tech TVs and sharp lines. With the print seamlessly bonded onto the acrylic surface, the image will always retain it’s rich colours and sharp finish.

Gift Frame

In addition to your statement piece, whether it’s an album or a frame, maybe you’d love to have something smaller for your desk at work or possibly you’d like to proudly present a gift frame to someone (great for grandparents!) then these diminutive frames may be just the thing. A perfect present for any occasion!