Wedding Photography At Notley Abbey

There really aren’t too many 12th century locations like this one for your wedding – certainly none with such a rich history as Notley Abbey.  From Augustinian canons to Laurence Olivier and Viviene Leigh, this place has seen some life – as well as a couple of King Henrys (IV and V if you’re curious.)  Now it is one of the most characterful and romantic locations in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire: wedding photography at Notley Abbey is an absolute joy – some of the wedding celebrations we’ve created imagery for would rival those of any Royalty (of both Hollywood and Plantagenet variety!)

From a wedding photographer’s point of view, the place has (perhaps not surprisingly given its history of inhabitants) everything you could wish for;  for a start it is a picturesque and stunning backdrop full of nooks and crannies, but also offers a plethora of wet-weather options with scope for fashion-influenced wedding images throughout the building (along with plenty of room to weave amongst the guests, capturing beautiful unscripted moments!)

Most of our clients take advantage of the glorious tree-lined approach which is surely one of the most iconic in the UK and, irrespective of the weather (and daylight), we almost always head out to create an image or two along the avenue.  It turns out this can also be a welcome opportunity to relax a little, away from the pressures of entertaining your guests! Who knew that wedding photography at Notley Abbey could be cathartic too?

And, of course,  if you’re looking for something to round off the evening, the venue is perfect for fireworks.  A fantastic way to bring your day to a sparkling finale with plenty of cheers and applause!

So if you’re looking for beautiful images, there aren’t many places better than to have your wedding photography at Notley Abbey.