Mastering Ordinary to Extraordinary Studio Photography
March 18, 2024

Do you need to create stunning portraits on client's premises? In this intensive masterclass, award winning photographer Paul Wilkinson will show you all the kit and know how to create stunning studio portraits in tricky locations.

Ever found yourself in a family home, meeting room or simply a confined space and yet still have to create incredible studio-style portraits?  Well, as Shakespeare said “all the world’s a studio” (OK, so maybe that isn’t quite what he said but he would have if he’d been a photographer!)

Whether you are looking to create beautiful studio portraits for lifestyle or personal branding style images cramming your entire studio into bags, travelling to a home or town-centre location and exploding into a small unfamiliar space with uncontrollable lighting, immovable furniture and low ceilings can make this a daunting experience! This workshop is here to make things easier.


In this all-day workshop, we will show you how we approach this puzzle to create stunning studio-style images in even the smallest of spaces.  With the right approach and some limited kit, not only can you create beautiful images in the tightest spaces, but it can be quick and a lot of fun at the same time!

  • Making sure you have what you need
  • Planning the session for the best use of limited time
  • How to use the space to your advantage
  • Setting up and positioning studio lighting
  • Using strobes and modifiers to create stunning portraits even in small spaces
  • Using continuous light and modifiers when you can’t control the ‘available’ lighting!
  • Setting up the room to make the best of the space
  • Running your session
  • Creating variety with limited time and space

The number of attendees is strictly limited to 6 for this workshop, ensuring everyone plenty of hands-on time with the studio, the lights and the models.  This is a hands-on day rather than a desk-based masterclass.

Each attendee will be invited to our exclusive (and private) Facebook Group, where we post all of the technical notes, behind-the-scenes insights, top tips and early bookings for our future workshops.


Mastering Ordinary to Extraordinary Studio Photography


March 18, 2024




Paul Wilkinson Photography Studio, 6 High St, Haddenham, Bucks HP17 8ER


Full Day

Lovely Quotes From Previous Studio Workshops

“There is absolutely no substitute for being “in the room where it happened”. Paul has the unique ability to read the room and assess the individual needs of six disparate photographers and make sure each feels that the workshop was directed at him/her. Anyone can give you the “numbers” of a set-up, but Paul shares the “why” and makes you feel you can do it too.”, Bob

“One of the industry’s true masters. A real treat to be taught by someone of Paul’s reputation.” [wishes to remain anonymous]

“Paul was absolutely amazing, he literally embodies photography & lighting and he talked about it with such knowledge, enthusiasm and experience it was a delight to attend. Paul gave some very practical demonstrations and techniques which I will incorporate into my approach to lighting.
From the moment I was greeted by Sarah in the morning to the end of the course it was a great learning experience, I would recommend, you won’t be disappointed.”,  Stephen

“Brilliant course and exceptional tuition from Paul!”, Daniel 

“An excellent training day that cemented for me how to use lighting. I got quite a few of those ‘Ahhhhh’ moments where everything just clicked. I now feel confident with my skills and ability to produce the shots I was looking to achieve. Any questions asked we answered and no holds barred. Huge thank you to Paul and Sarah for a FABULOUSLY fun day. I will definitely be back for another workshop.”, Karen

Additional Information


A discount is available for current members of The SWPP, The BIPP, The Guild Of Photographers and The Mastering Portrait Photography Websiteplease contact us for details.



The price for the workshop includes all tuition and lunch. 

Sold out!