Studio Portrait Photography

Well, it has to be said, Paul’s passion was originally for location and lifestyle photography (i.e. outdoors!) which is, as it happens, one of the numerous reasons we selected our stunning studio with its rich variety of architectural gardens – but Paul has had a love affair with studio portrait photography too (well, amongst other things, it’s always warm and dry in the studio!)

In fact, Paul has won as many awards for his studio work as he has for the location work that he is so well known for and in 2018 he won the title of UK Studio Portrait Photographer Of The Year with this image of the incredible Alex Bellini.

The eyes have it.

Studio portraiture is an incredibly versatile genre of photography: images can be anything from bright, punchy, high-key images full of light and energy, to dark, intense images that draw the viewer to the subjects eyes. And a whole lot in between!
More often than not, our clients take advantage of both the garden for some location portraits and then switch into the studio for something completely different – all in the same session.

Sometimes, a simple, elegant look is all it takes.

That isn’t always the case of course: if classic studio photography is your thing then Paul is always more than happy to dedicate the whole session to being under studio lights.  It’s completely your choice.

Simple light and an old chaise lounge. An old school look.

Studio Portrait Photography Sessions