Maternity And Baby Photography

There is nothing quite like the love you have for your children – and the emotion (and exhaustion!) that goes with being a new parent: of the four people who work here, three of us are parents so we really do know! And those early baby photographs we have of our own children are some of the most precious we have.

Maternity and baby photography is some of the most rewarding that we do here and Paul has always been emphatic about the type of images he loves: it’s all about happy babies, happy parents and that irreplaceable magical bond between them!  The studio is always full of laughter when we’re photographing babies and parents (and mums to be!) – at the end of each session the whole studio is just full of smiles which, it has to be said, doesn’t add anything to our oh-so-cool brand!

Have a look at the images below to see what we mean.  Many of the clients below were our wedding clients (some of them did things in a different order and became our wedding clients later!) and it’s always a joy to see them.

Maternity And Baby Photography Sessions