Family Portrait Photography

There is nothing you love more than your family. Parents, siblings, children, the love you feel toward your family is like no other feeling – you know how it is: when they laugh you laugh, when they cry you cry.

Here in the studio, I think we’d say our favourite images are those of our families.

Children, grandchildren, siblings, cousins, partners. And the dog.  Don’t forget the dog.

In this day and age, it seems, it is harder and harder to have the family all in the same place at the same time: school, work, sports, parties, you name it, the pressures on a family’s time are immense. So getting them together for a photoshoot can be tricky but it is so worth it!

Turn End Garden is a perfect backdrop throughout the year.

Some of our favourite sessions have been when people come to celebrate a new family arrival, one of the kids going to school, graduations, engagements, reunions, anniversaries. Any excuse for the family to get together and come to the studio.

Let’s go for a walk. Kids love being out and about and, of course, it makes for great family photographs!

Of course, we make everyone welcome whatever the reason for the get-together. Each shoot is punctuated by laughter, banter, the occasional tears but always wonderful memories. And whether it’s here at the studio or out on a summer’s walk, there will always be some creativity thrown in for good measure.

Laughter: the defining characteristic of the family being together.

If your family has something to celebrate, a land mark to record or just, quite simply, you’d love a picture of your loved ones to enjoy every day then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!