Dog Portraits

We know.  We have one, too.  Your dog is a member of the family (and possibly the most faithful member!)

What better way to celebrate their unique role than to create some beautifully crafted canine portraits?  

And if you’re worried that your dog won’t behave perfectly, you really needn’t be concerned: our dog, Rufus, our loveable, irrepressible, mischievous, hyperactive, joyous, barking mad working cocker spaniel only ever lets us get one or two shots before something more interesting interupts (possibly the thought of a squirrel?) Yet, we still have the most beautiful photographs of him, just as we have for hundreds of other dogs and their families.

Our studio hound, Rufus

Sometimes in the studio, sometimes in our world-famous garden, sometimes both: whatever works for you and your dog, we can craft something beautifully and uniquely memorable.