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Photography Workshops

Why not book a portrait photography workshop with us? With the facilities and skills that we have here at our studio between Oxford and London, we are perfectly set to help inspire and educate portrait photographers, whether it’s about photography technique, creativity or the business of, well, running a photography business.

Creative Workshops

Fancy A Discount?

A discount is available for current members of The SWPP, The BIPP, The Guild Of Photographers and The Mastering Portrait Photography Websiteplease contact us for details.

Aimed at professional photographers and experienced enthusiasts alike,  the only limit is the number of delegates during the day so that we can spend time answering (or demonstrating) specific questions you may have.

Our photography workshops and business days are designed to inspire and educate equally, allowing plenty of time and space to explore, learn and practice camera and lighting techniques.

  • Paul's course was by far and away the best training course I've ever been on. In one day we looked at lighting, framing in multiple locations, using the flash on and off camera, studio work and post-production. It was intense, but great fun and has already made a big difference to the way I approach my photography. Thanks

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    Steve Heyes
  • Do you want to be inspired to be a better portrait photographer. How good are you at capturing the essence of people looking their natural best.
    Here’s your opportunity to learn from a master. Paul will help you understand how to take exceptional portrait shots, whether in the studio or using natural lights. You will also have a lot of fun in an outstanding setting.


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    Lloyd Wigglesworth
  • Having booked Paul to take the photos at our forthcoming wedding, I was the very lucky recipient of a birthday gift from my wife-to-be of a photography training day with Paul. And what a brilliant day it was – I learnt so much and had loads and loads of fun along the way. Warmly welcomed into the studio, we spent a short amount of time chatting about my photography experience, what I was hoping to learn and taking a quick look through some photographs I’d taken in the past with Paul constructively (and humorously) telling me what was good (and more frequently) bad about the photos I’d taken and the style I used. This was incredibly illuminating and it was fascinating to see my photos through Paul’s professional eye. We quickly then got into the day, starting in the absolutely stunning gardens at the studio. Hints and tips were constantly shared covering functions within my camera, composition, light, creating atmosphere and much more. It was brilliant to try things out and get instant feedback from Paul on what looked good and why other things didn’t. After a lovely lunch at the studio, we headed to the nearby Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons where Paul is their partner photographer and where I would be getting married. We spent a very happy afternoon exploring the stunning gardens, finding beautiful vistas and unusual angles and snapping away. Paul shared his experiences of taking photos in the surroundings and continued to volunteer excellent advice, cajoling me to always think just a bit harder about how to get a better photograph and not be lazy and settle for something good but not outstanding.

    In summary, Paul is charming and funny, an expert photographer and a natural teacher. I had a very enjoyable day and took so much away from it. I would strongly recommend a photography training day with Paul to anyone.

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    David Wilkinson
  • I was fortunate enough to spend time with Paul and the Paul Wilkinson Photography team at the very beginning of my photography career. Paul was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge, sharing his skills and insights and answering my (many) questions! Paul encouraged me to learn at every opportunity, taking me out on a photo session with him, explaining in detail natural and studio lighting, describing his workflow process and actively asking for my thoughts and opinions, despite me being a new photographer. I felt welcomed and valued and would encourage anyone, whether they are looking to kick start or super charge their photography to join Paul and his fantastic team for training.

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    Emma Gibson
  • I came to Paul as a professional photographer looking to improve on and refine my techniques, with camera, strobe lighting and the post processing of resulting images. Three separate days of Paul's one-to-one training has not only dramatically raised the bar of my ability to capture and create captivating pictures, but has also greatly boosted my level of self-confidence. (Thank you so much Paul!)

    Paul's talent and skills as a photographer are equally matched with his abilities as a personal instructor. He listens, he observes, he offers candid thoughts, and then he gets down to the nuts and bolts, imparting his knowledge in a concise yet easy-going manner. I only wish all my teachers through life had been able to deliver as naturally as Paul does.

    To leave it there, however, wouldn't be doing full justice to the Paul Wilkinson Experience, for as beneficial and enjoyable as time shared with Paul alone is, his welcoming, efficient, and good humoured support team enhances everything all the more – Sarah, Michelle and Megan, many thanks to you too!

    In short, if you are a photographer looking to up your game, I highly recommend participating in a Paul Wilkinson Experience for yourself.

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  • From start to finish, attending one of Paul’s training days was a hugely beneficial and enjoyable experience. Not to mention the huge amount that I learnt.

    The initial planning communications were very useful. I had a fair idea of topics that I wanted to go through, but they also provided a thorough list of ideas (which was great because there were a couple of things that I hadn’t thought of) which meant that I could get the most out of the day.

    On arriving there in the morning Paul and Sarah were very welcoming and after a nice relaxing cup of coffee, it wasn’t long before we got going.

    Paul’s choice of models was well thought through and suited my needs 100%. The great thing (one of many) about Paul’s studio was that we could shoot both inside the studio as well as in the amazing gardens outside and onto one of the lovely little streets. This was excellent for learning to deal with many different lighting/location scenarios.

    The pace of the day was perfect. Not going too fast so that everything sunk in properly. We finished the day going through workflow and editing processes, going through all the images taken during the day and finishing a few of them off nicely.

    I would highly recommend a training day with Paul Wilkinson Photography. Not only do you come out with heaps more knowledge, the whole atmosphere of the day and the feel of their business leaves you truly inspired!

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    Dave Llewellyn-Jones
  • I thoroughly enjoyed training with Paul Wilkinson Photography. Whist I’ve been in business for a number of years, there is always so much room for improvement and I really felt my time with Paul propelled me in that direction!

    From looking at a selection of my existing portfolio and going through what was done well and what could be improved upon, to going back to one of the locations I regularly use to shoot and seeing how I can take my work to the next level.

    Watching how Paul set up each shot, and brilliantly interacted with our (non-professional) models was fantastic. Not only that but Paul talked me through the how’s and why’s, and took shots to show what he meant so I could really understand. He also didn’t just take my word for it that it had sunk in, he fully tested it by watching me do it on my own!

    I absolutely love some of the shots I got from the session, but more importantly I’ve been able to take all the information forward into future shoots when working on my own.

    I would thoroughly recommend Paul’s training to any portrait photographer wanting to improve their craft. I promise you you’ll not only learn loads, you’ll have great fun too!

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