Photography Scrapbook

The thing about this job, is I spend my entire life enthralled with images and photography.  I absolutely love doing what I do.  We generate so many images it’s untrue – some good, some better than good, some, I guess, are the beginnings of something else. And sometimes, well, sometimes they need more work! This page has some of those images.  Just images we’ve finished, images that have no home, images that are works in progress.  Sometimes here you’ll see images here that I’ll finish off later and publish in our portfolios.  Sometimes you’ll see images here that never again see the light of day.

But all of them are mine.  All of them have some interest to someone (even if it’s just me.)  Weddings. Portraits. Workshops. Instagram. Twitter, this really is a scrapbook of the images I create for our clients, for me and for often the sheer joy of it!

They aren’t tagged or labelled.  They’re just here for what they are: images to enjoy. Or not. You choose.