Mastering Portrait Photography: Photography Tips and Techniques

Our book, Mastering Portrait Photography is now out on Amazon and in bookshops!  The book is a collaboration between myself and Sarah Plater and talks about how we create the images that we do and gives photography tips and techniques for both professional photographers and experienced enthusiasts.

We’ve worked to include a huge variety of ideas and techniques – and, of course, a couple of hundred images!  Use it as a reference, a book of photography tips or simply because it looks lovely (well we think it does!)

Each chapter covers a different aspect of mastering portrait photography from choosing kit to understanding what you’re trying to achieve. All of the images in the book were created by Paul (and nearly all of them are from our regular clients who have very kindly let us use their images) so the photography tips and techniques the book describes are directly from the artist’s mouth!

The book is widely available from all good bookshops (including Amazon of course) but if you would like a copy of the book personally signed by Paul, you can order it here (either hit the Paypal button or drop us a line and we’ll send it straight out to you with a personalised message if you’d like.)

If you’d like to buy a signed copy of Mastering Portrait Photography directly, you can do so here: just select your preferred delivery method and hit the ‘Buy Now’ button. If you’d like a personal dedication please let us know in the comments field on Paypal and we’ll ask Paul to write it for you.

You can a signed copy here in our gift shop.