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Our book, Mastering Portrait Photography is now out on Amazon and in bookshops!  The book is a collaboration between myself and Sarah Plater and talks about how we create the images that we do and gives photography tips and techniques for both professional photographers and experienced enthusiasts.

We’ve worked to include a huge variety of ideas and techniques – and, of course, a couple of hundred images!  Use it as a reference, a book of photography tips or simply because it looks lovely (well we think it does!)

Each chapter covers a different aspect of mastering portrait photography from choosing kit to understanding what you’re trying to achieve. All of the images in the book were created by Paul (and nearly all of them are from our regular clients who have very kindly let us use their images) so the photography tips and techniques the book describes are directly from the artist’s mouth!

The book is widely available from all good bookshops (including Amazon of course) but if you would like a copy of the book personally signed by Paul, you can order it here (either hit the Paypal button or drop us a line and we’ll send it straight out to you with a personalised message if you’d like.)

If you’d like to buy a signed copy of Mastering Portrait Photography directly, you can do so here: just select your preferred delivery method and hit the ‘Buy Now’ button. If you’d like a personal dedication please let us know in the comments field on Paypal and we’ll ask Paul to write it for you.

You can purchase a signed copy here in our gift shop.


"It has removed my fear"

I followed this recommendation in a magazine, having recently taken part in a studio practice session at my club and realising that I really did have a growing interest in studio work. Having held a fear of flash for many years arising from the poor quality of my resulting shots, I have given anything to do with artifical lighting a very wide-berth - I have not used the in camera on my D800 since I purchased it in 2012. However the article suggested this book removed the mystery and fear and I agree wholeheartedly. It is a must for anyone with my level of experince (and fear!). Written simply and using few but well chosen words in explanation it combines the expectation and excitement of studio photography with what I know of slightly advanced photography. It builds an explanation stage upon stage, and following each stage I have reverted back to basics even going through my manual again and this has surprisingly filled in many gaps in my knowledge. It has encouraged me to check again what my camera is capable of and finding new limits by activating some of the functions I left on auto even though I shoot almost extensively with aperture priority, spot exposure and adjusting EV continuously. It has removed my fear and explained things so simply that I have now ordered my first studio kit and cannot wait to try - following again each stage in this great book. What I want now is the stage approach in a stage 2 book.

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Haydn M (Amazon review)

"Fabulous book with beautiful images and great tips"

A really wonderful book with beautiful images. An easy to use format with excellent and detailed tips on how to get that perfect picture in specific situations/light etc. A great buy or gift for both aspiring amateurs and professionals alike.

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Darren Ord (Amazon review)

"What a gorgeous, gorgeous book"

What a gorgeous, gorgeous book. The only time you'll want to put it down is when you get the urge to run out and try all the techniques described.

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Janet (Amazon Review)


Written by one of the UK's most respected family portrait photographers, this book is full of the information that you need to take great portraits in the studio and on location. In plain English, Wilkinson explains the key aspects of portraiture, such as lighting, composition, camera settings and effective communication with your subjects.

The quality of the imagery used to illustrate the techniques discussed is of the highest standard. Its nice to see a book on portraiture that doesn't contain the usual sugary american 1980's looking photos posed by models.

Highly recommended!

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David C (Amazon Review)

"Five Stars"

Great book, good print quality. Hope will be appreciated!

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Amanda (Amazon Review)

"Clearly aimed at the colonist market"

British authors and a British publisher, so why is this otherwise very well produced book riddled with utterly infuriating American spellings?

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M. A. Rogers (Amazon Review)

Very good book.

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Mr. Mark Ventress (Amazon Review)

Excellent book. Ideal for a photographer to learn about portrait photos

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MaggieG (Amazon Review)

The cover photo first caught my eye and I'm glad to say the photos inside are just as stunning. There are heaps of tricks and tips on what kit to buy, technical skills, lighting, setting up at locations, composition, posing, working with children and postproduction. I think its a lovely book and every time I look at it it just gets better and better.

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Jonathan G (Amazon review)