Professional Headshot Photography

Actors, musicians, comedians, personal trainers… In fact, anyone who is a performer or in a public role needs a professional headshot whether it’s for the website, portfolio or for publications, personal branding is the hook that will bring in work.

It has always been the case that actors and musicians have needed professional headshots to win work. Casting-agents, producers and event organisers have long used stacks of headshots to pick and choose talent.  Of course, up until recently this was all done using physical prints but now, with the digital age, it is even more important than ever.

And that’s where we can help. Professional headshots have never been easier or more creative!

Headshots Have Many Uses

And it’s not just limited to performers when it comes to needing headshots: we have created commercial portraits for CEO’s, politicians, directors, barristers, judges, doctors, consultants, accountants, chefs, magicians, personal trainers, artists, sculptors, impressionists and even a clown (yes, you did read that correctly!) They also have their use for dating websites and we now not only create portraits for the more romantically inclined but have gone on to photograph their weddings too. Which I suppose might suggest we do a pretty good job of it!

Location, Location, Location (or Studio, Studio, Studio…?)

At the end of the day, a professional headshot is just a portrait irrespective of its end purpose: whether it’s to be for commercial use, it’s informal, dramatic or funny, it’s still an image of a person, a face, a character. And that is why I love them so much!

Many of our clients come to us to create not just studio-style headshots (we have a studio right here) but because we can step straight out of the door and be in one of the most beautiful gardens imaginable.  A perfect backdrop for headshots with a little more of a natural twist to them – very often we start out in the open as it seems much more natural to relax outside than in the more static environment of the studio and lights! 

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So rest assured, unless you need to be photographed in a medical laboratory, we can happily create something perfectly suited to your needs (and if you do need to be photographed in a medical laboratory, then we can probably figure that out too!)

So why not update your image today? Just drop us a line and let us create a new image for you!