Tag: Wedding Photography At The Crazy Bear

30th December 2016
Loretta and John's Crazy Crazy Crazy Bear Wedding!

It's the end of our most successful year to date by any measure which is a lovely thing to round 2016 off.  Next year is looking even more exciting too so we're unbelievably excited about everything that is to come in 2017: more classic weddings at Le Manoir, more funky ones at the Crazy Bear, […]

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10th November 2016
Kate and Darrell's Wedding At The Crazy Bear In Beaconsfield

A Weird Time. Really? Christmas tunes are already playing on the TV adverts and Donald Trump is the 45th President Of The United States Of America.  Not sure quite what leaves me more bemused - the craziness that is Christmas or the fact our place in the world as the owner of Brexit has been […]

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11th October 2015
Wedding Photography At The Crazy Bear

The Crazy Bear is one of the most exciting venues to photograph in the UK - always different, always creative, always cool.

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