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22nd July 2018
The Laughter Was Irrepressible!

Every day in the office (aka studio) is a good day. But there are good days and really good days. This was the latter: creating headshots and portfolio images for Libby. This is the second time we've photographed Libby - you can read about the first set of headshots we created for her here. And […]

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18th July 2018
Vintage-Styled Photography Workshop

There are many, many aspects of this job that I love: the laughter, the creativity, the passion, the energy, the people I meet, the sense of achievement to name but a few. And one thing should be near the top of that (long) list is running a photography workshop.   A photography workshop is incredibly […]

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15th April 2018
A Gorgeous Session Both In and Out Of The Studio

There are many reasons for having a portrait session but a significant birthday is one of our favourites! A beautiful 16th birthday portraits session with one of our nicest clients.

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21st March 2018
It's All About The Laughter And The Joy

Family photography is the very backbone of our business - and for good reason: there is nothing more exhilarating than spending time (and creating pictures) in the company of parents and kids, particularly when they are so utterly joyful as Jos, Jason and Samuel.

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16th January 2018
Location Portraiture Superclass at the SWPP Convention 2018

Even a cold, grey day in London can still culminate in beautiful portraits. Our Societies Of Photographers Convention Superclass focussed on being creative with light and location - a chilly, but creative, portrait photography workshop! It's late and it's the end of a long week, or the beginning of a long week depending on how […]

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3rd December 2017
Chance Encounter

Chance encounter leads to unimaginably beautiful portrait shoot!

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15th October 2017
Business Portrait Photography

Business Portrait Photography Today, companies, groups and brands are using personality across the whole organisation: from front office, to back office; from the reception to the boardroom; from B2B organisations to public facing. And that extends across all aspects of a brand from the logo type to the photography. A brand, after all, is the […]

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5th September 2017
Libby, Luck An' A Load Of Laughter

Luck's a funny thing. You can't touch it, can't see it, can't smell it, it has no substance and yet I feel it every day. Particularly shooting portraits!

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11th July 2017
Location Family Photography: Chillin' Chattin' Shootin'

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_column_text]There are so many joys to being a wedding and portrait photographer - particularly with location family photography - that I am forever in danger of sounding like I am on happy pills but, trust me, I really don't need them! Education Is Key. It's late.  That could be said of most of the […]

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25th June 2017
Molly's Beautiful Portrait Album

A portrait album is more than just something for the coffee table: it is an heirloom, a record of a moment in time. It's also very heavy!

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24th June 2017
Teenage portraits of Molly - and one or two of her mum too!

To take a great portrait you have to like the person you're creating a portrait of! With Molly's portrait session that was easy but one of our clients is too honest for their own good!

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28th May 2017
Five Frames To Fill With Family Photography

Family photography is always a joy, possibly an adventure, never, ever a chore - but then, just sometimes, it is, quite, simply amazing!

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