Category: Weddings Across The UK

9th December 2018
Ben and Amy: A Wedding To Remember

As a wedding photographer, I like to make sure I know where I am going for my clients’ ‘Big Day’ in advance - so I can plan and prepare those perfect photographs in my head before the hustle and bustle of the ceremony. So you can imagine my surprise when the lovely Ben and Amy […]

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27th February 2017
Emma & Richard: Commuting Coincidence Leads To Romantic London Wedding!

Emma and Richard's eyes met across a London Tube as they commuted to work. Little did they foresee that, three years later, this would lead to them getting married at the most romantic London wedding! The Most Romantic London Wedding I so love this story. A story so romantic and unexpected that it could be the plot for […]

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28th January 2016
A Stunning Late Autumn Wedding In Somerset!

Photography is not, as some might think, an easy living. Long hours, hard work and constant worry you're not being creative enough.

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