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22nd July 2018
The Laughter Was Irrepressible!

Every day in the office (aka studio) is a good day. But there are good days and really good days. This was the latter: creating headshots and portfolio images for Libby. This is the second time we've photographed Libby - you can read about the first set of headshots we created for her here. And […]

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25th October 2017
It's So Much More Than A Haircut

Went for a haircut this week. It was much needed. It's a funny thing, hair.  Mine is particularly so. I have hair that has a social life all of its own. At least, I assume it does.  I go to sleep and, at least in my eyes, my hair looks reasonably normal. Nothing major to […]

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5th September 2017
Libby, Luck An' A Load Of Laughter

Luck's a funny thing. You can't touch it, can't see it, can't smell it, it has no substance and yet I feel it every day. Particularly shooting portraits!

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16th April 2016
Gina: Soft Portraits In Harsh Sunlight

Creating soft portraits in harsh light is well worth practicing!

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26th October 2015
Sunny Soprano Sets Our Studio Alight

It's a wonderful thing when someone walks into our studio and we just know it's going to be a magical portrait session!

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11th October 2015
Professional Headshot Photography

Actors, musicians, authors, writers: there has never been a time when it's more important to have great headshots and PR portraits for your own PR, marketing and online presence!

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17th December 2013
Steve Cole, Author Headshots

A portfolio of headshots for the new author of the Young James Bond books.

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11th December 2013
Claire Hanson Makeup Portfolio Photography

Claire Hanson and her team represent the very best of the art (yes, it is truly an art!) of hair and makeup and it has been my absolute pleasure to work with them on numerous occasions

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