Three Kids, Two Adults, One Portrait Photographer. Mix Thoroughly And Listen To The Laughter!

A classic framed picture on a wall showing three beautiful (and very funny) kids clinging onto their dad's legs. You can't see the rest of their day. The frame is a classic wooden frame, in a wide orientation.


Here at Paul Wilkinson Photography, we have a long and happy history of turning memorable moments into magical photos.

This family portrait session was of a fantastic family: Marion, Ian, Olivia, Cloe, and Matisse. They’re an amazing family, and we’re always thrilled to see them as we have over the years.

We have so many incredible families that visit us. Marion, Ian, and their awesome kids would always be at the top of that list – simply the nicest people you could meet.

They visit us every few years when the kids are a bit taller, older, and much more fun! And you know what? Every visit is like opening a new exciting present; we absolutely love it!

The last time they came over was during a super sunny summer day, and maybe the sun got to me and the kids – I am not sure who had the most energy, them or me!

We were laughing, jumping, and creating a whole lot of noise. Our garden, which is usually quiet (although my landlord says I’m usually the first to break the silence), was full of rowdy laughter!

When we moved inside the studio, we tried to calm things down a bit, but guess what? The energy levels didn’t really come down that much: I couldn’t stop laughing as the kids barrelled around (occasionally in front of the camera!)

And my favourite photos from that day? They were the ones where the kids were jumping around, laughing so hard they were almost howling, like a pack of happy wolves. It was just perfect! That’s how kids should be, full of life and laughter.

So, that’s the tale of Marion, Ian, Olivia, Cloe, and Matisse’s visit to our studio and garden. Every time they visit, they bring tons of joy. We created beautiful memories for them and us (even writing this blog makes me smile as the sounds of giggling and laughter come back to me!)

And at Paul Wilkinson Photography, we’re all about making memories that will make you smile whenever you see the pictures!

And they make me smile just as much!