Laughing and Clicking | Louis-Marie’s Hilarious Headshot Session

Sometimes, someone walks into our studio and leaves such an impression that long after the event, it still makes us smile.

Louis-Marie is one of those clients.  

The original email innocuously asked for some simple headshots he could use for an upcoming piano competition.  We have photographed a lot of musicians over the years – headshots, gigs, quartets, quintets, rock, blues and pop bands, conductors, and even a violin maker, but headshots for a piano competition? Nope.  Never done that.

From the minute I met Louis-Marie in the station car park, with a huge friendly grin and more energy than even I am used to at that time in the morning, we hit it off.  I love big characters, and I love it even more when they are in front of our camera, creating magic in the studio and out in the garden.

Well, there could not have been more magic.  The headshot session could have gone on for many more hours – though I suspect towards the end, we were laughing and chatting more than I was hitting the shutter!

I haven’t heard Louis-Marie play, but in my mind, I imagine he brings the same joy, energy and style to the keys as he does to the people who get to meet him.  

A simply glorious headshot session!