Chat. Laugh. Shoot. Repeat | Kelly And Mark’s Gorgeous Family Portrait Session!

When I started as a portrait photographer, it was very much accidental – I have always had a camera in my hand and love chatting with people. Bring the two together, and, well, it turns out that is a really lovely way of creating portraits.

A portfolio box of mounted family portraits, showing a different portrait in out mount.

Can’t pick which picture to go in a frame? A portfolio box is a wonderful way to display each of your portraits (and you can change the featured in the front whenever you like!)

Chat. Laugh. Shoot. Repeat.

Twenty-something years later, not so much has changed. There’s more structure, of course, and being a professional portrait photographer has its challenges, but broadly speaking, I am still doing the very thing I have always loved.

Chatting. Laughing. Shooting. Repeating.

So when Kelly and Mark came with their daughter, I was already in my happy place – a beautiful family, a stunning midsummer’s day, our gorgeous location here at the studio and the opportunity for much laughter (and photography!) Or should that be much photography (and laughter!) Hmmm. Either way works.

The shoot was simply lovely. I am consistently thrilled at just how incredible our clients are. Kelly, Mark and their daughter all made me laugh! Not that that is the purpose of a photography session, but it certainly makes for the perfect job. It’s returning to my roots of loving being around gorgeous people and having a camera in my hand.

And, of course, images like this look stunning in a frame or portfolio. I have written this before, but pictures – particularly family portraits – shine when displayed well. It’s all very well having access to a gazillion images on an iPhone (and yes, I do this too), but when I get to see finished images, beautifully printed, mounted, framed and displayed, ah, now THAT is when you get to see the absolute joy of using the very best cameras, lenses and suppliers!