N-Photo Magazine Issue 135

N-Photo Issue 135

For anyone who doesn’t already know, I have spent the past few years contributing to various magazines, publications and blogs: I can only imagine my high-school English teacher laughing his head off! Who saw that coming?  Certainly not me! However, having written more than 50 articles and been featured in half a dozen different magazines, it feels as natural for me to be sitting at a keyboard as it does with a camera in my hand. Well, OK, nearly as natural…

And I love it.

It is certainly a skill I’m still working on (the vagaries of the semi-colon vs. the colon or the precise use of an ellipsis still confuse me) but sitting and putting thoughts down into an article is not only cathartic, it is also remarkably creative!

I am a monthly contributor to N-Photo Magazine and the latest issue just dropped through the door. In this issue, I pay homage to all of my incredibly talented friends in the hair industry and draw parallels to why it’s a great place to learn how to offer the best customer service as a professional photographer. I know we all laugh about hair stylists talking about holidays as your stare helplessly in the mirror, but they are supremely skilled with both people and their core skills of cutting and colouring!  See where I’m going with this?  

If you’re a Nikon shooter (and why wouldn’t you be?!), please do pick up a copy from your local newsagent or you can order a subscription online.


PS. if you’re a photographer thinking about turning pro, why not come to one of our workshops?  

March 23, 2022

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