Branding Images For A Personal Trainer And Coach

With a brief like this one, who wouldn’t love to be a photographer: creating branding images for a personal trainer and coaching website.

I love a brief like this one! We were asked to create a series of branding images for Eliza Kessell for her new venture as a personal trainer and coach.  

We’ve worked with Eliza a couple of times over the years (one of her headshots is in our book, Mastering Portrait Photography) but previously the images were always for her career in acting.

Eliza is hugely talented and has spent the past year building a new offering as a personal trainer, something I have no doubt at all she will excel at,

The brief was a photographer’s dream: produce dark, sumptuous, low-key branding images for use on Eliza’s website. The images had to be striking and graphical in nature which is a real joy to be creating. Eliza brought a range of outfits and one or two bits of fitness gear, well, some weights anyway.  So off we went.  A couple of hours of laughing, chatting and catching up with an old and lovely friend of the business.

To fit the brief, all the images were studio based which provides a consistent look across the whole set. The images were all colour but I have retained one or two monochromes as I really like them!

If you’re interested in what Eliza offers (she is lovely and I would highly recommend her) her details are as follows: