Two’s Company, Three’s A Party!

When Kate asked if she could bring her two best friends for a portrait session in celebration of her 40th birthday, I couldn’t help but laugh as I just KNEW it would be a lively (and lovely) shoot! It helped that they turned up looking amazing and carrying a couple of bottles of champagne. This was going to be one hell of a session!

I love portrait sessions like this because not only do we get the opportunity to create beautiful images (of them as a group as well as individually) but we get to have, essentially, a party at the same time! In the end, pictures like these are about the memories as much as they are pieces of art in their own right – and this shoot was definitely about the memories and the relationships between Kate, Karen and Rachel – three amazing people and long-standing friends.

Kate has hung one of her favourite pictures in her downstairs loo. Well, when I started I hated hearing that my pictures were in a toilet until someone sat me down and wisened me up: where else can you (modestly) get people to look at your pictures? Too true but I don’t have a room-set image of a loo, so I’m showing it in pride of place above a sofa.

I so loved this session – I think I laughed as much as they did. Three beautiful, lovely, smart, people with more energy than the teenagers I get to shoot!

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Enjoy a few more images from this incredibly memorable shoot!