MPA National Awards Winner 2020!

While it is true that this year hasn’t gone entirely to plan – a worldwide pandemic tends to have that effect – it has certainly had its high points.  The weather for one (what a summer!) and we’ve had some incredible clients and, so far at least, we’re staying positive and testing negative!  

This last week, however, we’ve had the best news possible (at least, the best news possible if you happen to be a portrait photographer) – I have won the Master Photographers Association “UK Portrait Photographer Of The Year” and “UK Classical Portrait Photographer Of The Year” awards.

Sadly, what has traditionally been a glitzy affair at a swanky hotel, the 2020 awards ceremony was migrated to an equally glitzy, but slightly less swanky, Zoom call.  Sigh.  I am not normally a fan of Zoom calls – mostly because I almost always manage to be muted when I shouldn’t be and unmuted when I am chatting to someone off-screen.

And you’ll be pleased to hear that this event was no different in that regard: moments after winning one of the most important awards in the industry, I was asked to hit my mute button: apparently, the sound of me chatting with my daughter about what Thai Curry we’re going to eat and whether we should have a drink to celebrate the awards was maybe just a little distracting to the other nominees on the call.   Not only that but I had managed to rotate my laptop around to show Harriet the award on the screen while simultaneously pointing the webcam at her while she sat perusing the takeaway menu and making notes on the culinary delights we were going to order.  Oops.

Still, that hasn’t damped my utter joy of winning the awards!

Not only did I win the overall title of “UK Portrait Photographer Of The Year”, but I also received 3 finalists and 18 merits.  Quite a scoop!

The best bit, though, isn’t that we’ve won awards – it’s that the awards were won with images created of and for our incredible clients – from families to commercial clients, from The Hearing Dogs to headshots – each of the winning images was created in our regular line of work, trying to create the best possible images we can for the lovely people who ask us. I cannot tell you how proud I am to have such wonderful clients, each and every one of them.

And, from that point of view at least, this has truly been a fantastic year!