Headshots For A Surgeon

So this year has been a decidedly odd one: nearly all of our weddings were moved to 2021 (some to 2022), Zoom calls have become the new normal – as has the associated wine consumption – and it’s been a while since I’ve seen my mum!

But one thing that has continued unabated is the demand for headshots whether they’re for personal branding, commercial use, dating sites or company websites, we’ve seen more and more requests for these.

Marie came to us for some headshots for her work – she is a plastic surgeon – and needed images to accompany presentations and her job as a consultant.  And it was a real pleasure to create them! As an aside, I owe a huge amount to plastic surgeons who managed to fix my hand when an exploding glass cafetière cut sliced through my hand and the blood vessels to my thumb, narrowly missing the nerves! I am in awe of the work our NHS specialists do and I have sat and wondered what would have happened had we not had access to their incredible talents.

For me, as a portrait photographer, headshots are uniquely perfect: in a sense, they’re the ultimate form of portrait.  Nothing more than faces, expressions, and characterisation. And I love it.

Marie’s pictures make me smile every time I go through – not just because I think they’re great pictures (I would though wouldn’t I?) but because I remember having such a lovely time chatting with her about her work, her family and her life.  It was a wonderful couple of hours in the company of someone who I liked enormously!

2020 may well be the year of the headshot!

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