FitLife Gym – The Coolest Commercial Photography Shoot

There aren’t many gigs I get that are commercial photography and possibly the coolest shoots I take at the same time. Luckily for me, shooting with FitLife – a brilliant gym in Haddenham – was just that!

As a business, no matter how big or small, the photography on your website, social media and advertising are very important. It’s the first impression a potential client will have of your company – so it must portray you in the way you want to be portrayed.

Just hanging around is harder work than you’d think!

With this in mind, I was super excited to be asked to shoot FitLife as I knew it was going to be a pretty cool place. The owners, Steve and Jess, are great people who I’ve known for years (in fact, I shot their wedding!) and I jumped at the chance to take their business photos.

Jess and Steve – Fitlife’s founders – hanging around and still, somehow, managing to look amazing.

Getting the right shots

Recently, the team at FitLife wanted some more photographs of the training staff and the fitness trainers at the gym, as well as some of their clients. So for each of their trainers I had to think up different ideas, as some of their early images I took have been used quite a lot. Trying to imagine a new way of photographing someone doing a ‘plank’ within the brand style is quite the challenge! But we worked on it and managed to get some great shots.

Flexibilty. It’s all about flexibility. Fitlife’s Phillipa showing us how it should be done.

It was a joy to photograph in their gym, too. There was an abundance of shapes and textures, fantastic contrast of light and dark colours, quick shafts of light when the sun breaks through the window. It helped us create these wonderfully interesting and unique images full of depth and mood and brilliant colour. They turned out so well.

When all else fails, just hit it. Hit it hard.

One of my favourite shots is of Iona, one of the FitLife bike instructors. We just ran a light round her, so if you look it’s just outlines of her and the outlines of the fitness bike – which has a really great effect on the photo.  

Ever had that feeling that no matter how hard you peddle, you’re not getting anywhere? Fitlife’s Iona, is one of the few who can make it feel like you’ve just been on a journey. Admittedly, a long, muscle-crushing, lung-inflaming, heart-bashing hell of a journey.

It was really nice to be able to take a few snaps of their clients, too. The gym may look very cool and exclusive, but it is so warm and welcoming. The gym goers seemed to be really enjoying the facilities and their talks with the staff and owners. It had a great vibe which we hopefully captured in their photos.

Getting fit really should not be this much fun!

Anne, an example to us all: one of the nicest people I’ve ever photographed (in our out of the gym!)

Steve – one of the owners – was talking to a few of his clients when I took a few photos of him. It’s a privilege being able to take photographs of him using his inspiration, his energy, his drive – he has this charisma about him that was just palpable. While we were shooting I saw this patch of sunlight just drip across the room and I quickly placed him in it. It just suddenly lights his cheekbones – and I knew when I took the photo that this was THE shot. Beautifully simple, and yet captures everything that FitLife is about.

Steve, managing to look annoyingly cool. He always does. Even in pin-sharp blinding sunlight.

With any luck, I’ll carry on photographing with these guys, carry on creating really interesting imagery. I’m going to have to really think about how we are going to create something different every single time – but that’s a challenge I am willing to take for this fab business.

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Enjoy A Few More Of The Images!