The Laughter Was Irrepressible!

Every day in the office (aka studio) is a good day. But there are good days and really good days. This was the latter: creating headshots and portfolio images for Libby.

This is the second time we’ve photographed Libby – you can read about the first set of headshots we created for her here. And if you look at that first set of images, you can imagine why I was looking forward to creating some more head-shots with her!

This time the brief was a little more specific: to create a range of images but emphasis on high-key wherever possible.

Ah, I do like an interesting brief.

Characterful head-shots and portraits

the bit of portrait photography I think I love the most is capturing images that have some character about them!

I love creating headshots for actors, models, musicians etc. as they are, essentially, just a variant of portraits but with generally more face and less of everything else. That’s not a particularly eloquent way of putting it but you get the gist! Plus agents are typically looking for some sense of character in the subject. Which is the bit, I think, I love the most: capturing images that have some character about them.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not someone who clings onto the view that I capture the character of someone. Nope. That’s not quite what I am saying.  It’s more subtle than that. The job is to create images that make a viewer think they can see character in the headshot or portrait. Why do I say this? Well, think about it: most viewers of portraits have never met the sitter so how could they possibly know if I’ve 100% captured the character of someone they’ve never have met? Answer? Well, they don’t. But they do see something in the image that chimes or resonates with them. That’s the trick. Creating images that others enjoy because it makes them feel something, whether it’s joy, sadness, curiosity or empathy.

So that’s what I set about doing.

Sibling support

This time, Libby came with her sister, Alex, for company. Which always makes it a lot more fun! Even when only one person is in front of the camera, having someone else there – particularly someone as close as a sibling – adds something to the photography session. So, if you’re thinking about having a headshot or portrait session with us, don’t assume you have to come alone! 

Anyway, I digress just a little. 

We were doubly lucky with this shoot as we had not one but two beautiful people to photograph but also we had stunning sunshine! Now I know if you’re reading this from your home in Texas, Dubai or Greece you might be wondering what the fuss is about given you may well have wall-to-wall sunshine every day of the week.  But this is the UK. And there is no such concept.  Though, I admit as I write this, we’re in the middle of a month of almost unbroken hot, dry weather. Well the exception that proves the rule and all that…

So we set about creating a set of images that were bright, funny, full of joy and beautiful.  Essentially the same description you could give to Libby and Alex.

Although the brief was for high-key images, I simply couldn’t resist creating some dark images while I was at it.  Haha. The thing about a portrait shoot is I love working in sympathy with the skin colour, clothing, hair and personality of the sitter. It’s all about trying to get an image where everything works together. And then the image feels all the better for it!

Such a lovely afternoon with the guys, and such a lovely set of headshots! 

If you’re thinking of having some headshots or portfolio images – whether it’s for modelling, commercial use or a dating website, please do get in touch!