Why Are Le Manoir Weddings Simply Perfect?

The sun is shining, the menu has a couple of well-deserved Michelin stars, the setting is glorious and the couple are beautiful. But this doesn’t provide the  entire answer. So why, then, are Le Manoir Weddings simply perfect?

Writer’s Block

I find writing blogs tricky. 

There, it’s out there. Seriously. I find writing blogs tricky.


Well that’s simple, it’s because I never quite know what to say that is different or compelling to any other blog. 

I could, of course, rant about things that annoy me: politicians; when Joe Public are allowed to talk on national radio or television (honestly I do think that vox-pops should be outlawed with immediate effect and anyone breaking that ban should be made to listen to Jeremy Kile 24 hours a day, 7 days a week); BBC Question Time; The Apprentice (even more annoying than Question Time); pollen; suddenly needing glasses to read and to drive; when the tank in the car is empty as I climb into it after a couple of days; when I go to make toast and someone has eaten all the bread and when someone has left the electric toothbrush with no charge. That last one might be the most annoying of all.  Seriously, those little brushes work perfectly when they’re powered up but when they’re flat? Useless!

I am guessing, however, that no-one really wants to hear me moaning – even though each and every complaint is entirely justified –  as we all have our tribulations in life.

Let’s Be Positive

So what should I talk about? 

That’s harder.  

It's all about laughter!

It’s all about laughter!

The thing is, I am naturally a positive kind of person – even the things that annoy me also make me laugh (well, mostly) – and if I always write positive blogs, it starts to sound like I’m on some kind of prescription happy pills. Which I’m not. 

And, on top of all that, I gave up caffeine at the beginning of the year and that has had the weird effect of making me even happier. From the minute I wake up. Which is now very early. 

But the thing is, it’s hard NOT to be happy when I am talking about our weddings – particularly those at Le Manoir.

So I am going to do what I find easy, which is to say, laugh and be happy.

So Why Are Le Manoir Weddings Simply Perfect?

This venue does seem to create magic all of its own.

But it’s not the venue that’s doing it, nor is it the food, or the drink, or, well, anything physical.

It’s the people.

Purely and simply, it’s about the people.

This wedding – Katie and Tom’s glorious bash – is one of my all-time favourite Le Manoir weddings. 

From beginning to end it was just wonderful. Though, on entering the bridal suite, I was told (in no uncertain terms I might add), “don’t you dare point that thing at me.” This coming from the mother of the groom who was protesting at me having a camera in my hand. 

However, I am not entirely certain what she hoped I would do with her directive given, as she must surely have realised, I would be in for a bumpy ride with my client if I acquiesced and didn’t capture an image or of such a key person of the day so, of course, I ignored the request.


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The wedding was perfect. Everything about it. But in this particular instance I want to draw attention to the people who looked after us: the porters; the guest relations team; the waiters; the chefs and the events team;  the unsung heroes in the gardens, maintenance and housekeeping: every single one of them made this day so special.

And they do that every minute of every hour of every day. And I really do mean that too – they work incredibly long hours!

That, dear readers, is why I think Le Manoir weddings are simply perfect. And it is my privilege to be the photographer who works alongside them all.

PS. This is also the only wedding I’ve ever photographed the Limbo Dance. Just thought you needed to know.

Enjoy a few pictures from Katie and Tom’s stunning celebration!