Styled Wedding Shoot at Nether Winchendon House

A speculative phone call, a serendipitous slot in the diary thanks to the early arrival of a baby and the opportunity of working with a wonderful team results in a magazine cover image. Some days are surprising. Some days are really really surprising!

We had already finished one of two maternity shoots when we heard that our second had been, well, cancelled. Reason? The most obvious of all reasons to cancel a maternity shoot: our client was on her way to hospital to give birth to her first baby. Can’t really argue with that!

So, there I was thinking I had been given some time ‘for free’. You know that feeling, when you thought a whole day was busy and then suddenly it isn’t? And it feels like someone invented time for you? That. That’s where I was. Blissfully planning an afternoon of catching up. 

Best Made Plans An’ All That…

It was 2pm when the phone rang. “I don’t suppose you could do a shoot could you? We’re doing a styled bridal shoot here at the house” said the voice on the other end.  It was Georgiana from Nether Winchendon House.

“Er, yes” I reply, perhaps a little apprehensively (there was no mention of time or date), “when were you thinking?” 

“Right now.”

“Right now? What do you mean right now?” Obviously she must mean tomorrow, or some time in the not-too-distant-future.

“Right now.”

She was sounding a little too emphatic for this to be a wind-up.

“You really do mean, right now?” I asked, still struggling to catch on.

“Yes”, said Georgiana conclusively, “right now.”

When Opportunity Comes Knocking

When you have opportunities in life, you learn to say “yes” and ask “how” later. So that’s precisely what I did – enthusiastically as it happened as I knew the team behind the shoot would be first-class and Nether Winchendon House is, well, stunning.

So that is how, forty minutes later we found ourselves running a styled shoot for Ox Weddings Magazine,  with an incredible team of people (another photographer had mixed their dates up and had failed to materialise, hence the last-minute opportunity.)

Luck is a wonderful thing huh?

And what a shoot it turned out to be! A beautiful model, gorgeous hair and makeup from Oxford Hair and Makeup, stunning gowns from Anna McDonald in Thame, incredible headdresses from Isabella Henry Headdresses, funky styling from The Event Designer (Natasha) and a cake that looked way too good to eat.

And if that wasn’t enough, we have continued to work with Ox Weddings Magazine, you might also enjoy this shoot at Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons too!

Model: Diana Bulee
Makeup and Hair: Oxford Hair and Makeup
Gown: Anna McDonald
Headdress: Isabella Henry Headdresses
Styling: Natasha The Event Designer
Flowers: Forever Blossom By Vasti
Client: Ox Weddings Magazine