It’s All About The Laughter And The Joy

Family photography is the very backbone of our business – and for good reason: there is nothing more exhilarating than spending time (and creating pictures) in the company of parents and kids, particularly when they are so utterly joyful as Jos, Jason and Samuel.

I met Jos a long time ago.

And I have loved being in her company ever since.

The loveliest of families

Jos is one of those people who is always happy, no matter what. And it’s infectious. Her energy, positivity and laughter just make it a pleasure to be in her vicinity (oh, and she’s really smart too!)

So imagine the pleasure I have had photographing her with her wonderful family, Jason and Samuel, who are equally engaging company. Samuel, in particular, is just full of smiles, barely breaking for breath in between chortles and chuckles.

We had arrived in the afternoon to spend time family images and were all set to spend an evening in the sunshine enjoying a barbecue and a glass or two of something alcoholic. Well, that was the plan but, this being England in July, you couldn’t rely on the weather and, even by the time we arrived, it was clear we were going to have to get a move on if we weren’t to be creating images (let alone lighting a barbecue) in the rain!

But them’s the breaks and so we went for it!

This is my kind of session where I love being in the company of three people – and I really mean all three of them – made life a little bit nicer for being around them! Even the cat couldn’t resist making an appearance (though I kept my distance as cats make me sneeze and that just seems to draw them towards me!)

I love family photography like this: wonderful session, wonderful company, wonderful images, wonderful people.

Enjoy these images and let us know what you think!

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