Location Portraiture Superclass at the SWPP Convention 2018

Even a cold, grey day in London can still culminate in beautiful portraits. Our Societies Of Photographers Convention Superclass focussed on being creative with light and location – a chilly, but creative, portrait photography workshop!

It’s late and it’s the end of a long week, or the beginning of a long week depending on how you view this, a Monday. Personally I am treating it as the end of a long week – not a bad one – anything but, in fact – but a long one nonetheless: too little sleep, a long list ticked off, much alcohol consumed and many photographer’s shaggy dog stories shared (one or two that probably should have been kept to themselves!)

It has been the Societies Of Photographers Convention 2018.

Although I have been around the industry for a while and have judged the Master Photographer’s Association for quite a few years this was my first time as a judge and presenter at the SWPP – and it has been an incredible few days!

I’ve loved judging and running workshops on portrait photography – such an exhilarating thing to do!

Available Light and Location Portraits: A Workshop

Thanks to Andy Sturt for the ‘in-action’ photos!

These are a few images from the Superclass we ran on portraiture: using available light and locations to create beautiful images. The weather wasn’t as kind as it could have been (thought it could have been far worse!) with flat light and an icy breeze that cut through to the bone.  Certainly not ideal.

However, with two brave models (Mina and Nick), fifteen determined delegates, one permit and a lot of enthusiasm, we set off from the Hilton Metropole in Edgeware Road and headed out to the canals of Little Venice.  We should have taken a limitless supply of hot drinks too but, hey, you live and learn!

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We didn’t get far before we spotted an opportunity for an image. And then another. And another. And so it went on until, shivering and grinning, we returned to the conference hotel 4 hours later – and even then, there were more images that could be created (the last few were all taken using available light inside the building.)

Such a great day – I hope the delegates enjoyed it as much as I found their collective excitement and creativity so inspiring! Here’s hoping we get to do it again next year!

All of these images were taken using available light – no flash or supplemental lighting was added. Amazing what can be achieved!