Chance Encounter

I have to admit I’m having a ball at the moment – a ton of photography (assuming you could actually weigh photography) going on, working on a whole new training website; about to embark on another two week stint aboard Crystal Cruises; some oh-so-lovely weddings; wonderful clients and the team is, quite literally, whistling as it works in spite of limited tuning and, er, rhythm.

You can’t have everything but life is, well, good.

This particular shoot is a perfect example.

It all started nearly a year ago when myself and Sarah had the most incredible meal down at the Crazy Bear in Stadhampton. The 12-plate Thai Taster Menu is one of my all-time favourite meals – unbelievably delicious!

That night we also had faultless service, the food was perfect and the waitress could not have been lovelier – nothing was too much trouble. She was also quite remarkably beautiful. And so, for the first (and to date, only) time in my career I approached a complete stranger and asked if she’d be willing to come and be photographed at the studio.

She did look at me a little distrustfully but she took my card and, having agreed to have a look at my work, we left the restaurant still hoping she may be interested.

So I was very very happy when she emailed back a week or two later. She had never said yes to previous such approaches but had looked at our portfolio, loved the images and was really excited to come over!

And so here we are. A new photography training video for the upcoming website (more on that in the coming months) has been recorded and we have a created some simply gorgeous images. 

And Dory was every bit as lovely as the night we first met.