Libby, Luck An’ A Load Of Laughter

Luck is a funny thing. You can’t put your finger on it, you can’t see it, you can’t smell it, it has no substance at all and yet I feel it every day. Particularly when I am shooting portraits!

I’m sitting in Plymouth, Devon as I write this having come down here to shoot the most beautiful wedding of an old friend of mine.

I am incredibly lucky, there’s no avoiding that fact. It’s not that every day is perfect, far from it. The times when it rains and it needed to be sunny, when our beloved MPs hike business taxes, when kids turn up with bruises and cold sores (and I know it means hours in Photoshop), when the light is simply awful and I’m working flat out to figure it out or when, quite simply, I cannot find my mojo. Nope, it really isn’t that every day is perfect.

But I am my own boss and I do something I love, which is satisfying. Besides, all of the above are hardly problems on a world scale are they? First world problems.

Every day I pick up the camera (or my retouching pen!) and I create images of people.  Sometimes families, sometimes weddings, sometimes commercial headshots.  It’s the variety I love as much as anything: I am NEVER certain quite what is coming next even though I am a portrait specialist through and through – I even regard weddings as predominantly a series of portraits, it just seems to work for me.

Which is why I feel particularly lucky.

And so should the happy couple whose wedding I photographed on Saturday! The weather on Saturday was simply perfect for a wedding but, conversely, the weather on Sunday was perfect for a docu-drama on wind damage, flooding and hypothermia! They, like me, were lucky and I am looking forward to blogging that particular wedding some time in the future!

A Beautiful Portrait Photography Session

So to today’s images. This is Elizabeth (“Libby”) who we photographed a month or two ago.

And back to the subject of ‘luck’. When Libby walked in, I knew it would be pretty cool day at the office.  Libby has a huge smile and beautiful eyes – she is also really lovely to work with. And it’s the last bit that makes being a photographer such a joy: I get to meet amazing people every day who just make life a little bit better for having met them. 

And so it was with Libby.  We laughed a lot and we created some images. And life is just a little bit better for having done so. Oh, and some of the images are really lovely!