Location Family Photography: Chillin’ Chattin’ Shootin’

There are so many joys to being a wedding and portrait photographer – particularly with location family photography – that I am forever in danger of sounding like I am on happy pills but, trust me, I really don’t need them!

Education Is Key.

It’s late.  That could be said of most of the blogs I write I guess.  But it is still true: it’s late.  There is something about the peace and quiet during the evening when everyone else is asleep that helps me think, helps me collate thoughts and ideas, ultimately helps me remember just what a privilege it is to do this job.

I know I wax lyrical about the joy that being a portrait and wedding photographer brings and I really hope you don’t think me too saccharin. But I am not sure how else I can explain it.

This week the studio is full of work-placement students.  I love it. They are funny. They’re young (15-16 years old) and full of optimism. They are shy (at least at the beginning of the week) but smart. They don’t take any prisoners. More importantly, they are the future of the industry.  One day it won’t be me – it’ll be them or others like them.  Meg, who works full-time in our team as a photographer, retoucher and living legend, was a work placement student – in fact she was our very first work placement student – 7 years ago and is now one quarter of the team along with Sarah, Michelle and myself. She was once like these guys in the studio today and she has grown into a phenomenal photographer. 

So imagine how proud we were to be nominated for an award (the succinctly titled: Oxfordshire Business Education Alliance Investor in Education Awardby Lord Williams school in recognition of the support we try to give schools and education in Oxfordshire. We have won many awards (and I am very proud of all of them!) but this is our second award for education and I think I may just be more proud of this than any of the others.

A Beautiful Walk For Location Family Photography

So back to the joys of being a photographer.

This set of images are from a wonderful family shoot with Richard, Alison, Meg and George. I love family sessions like this – we went for a very pleasant stroll to Nether Winchendon, chatted, laughed, giggled, skipped and generally created mayhem and images in broadly equal measure. Even the dog thought it was fun.

And that’s the thing about his gig: it is one of the most sociable art forms on the planet,