Teenage portraits of Molly – and one or two of her mum too!

We’re always nice to people. And it’s always genuine. Though the same cannot be said of everyone – especially when they’ve been brought up never to lie!

Babies Are Always Beautiful, But Some Are More Beautiful Than Others

I am asked a lot about how we can be so nice to people all the time. Our entire team is built that way. That’s not to say we don’t have off days when I could honestly strangle someone but, on the whole, we genuinely love people, especially our clients.  

We have to.  Seriously, we have to.

How could I create an image of someone if I didn’t like them? Trust me, it would be glaringly obvious in the finished images: for starters, the eye contact would be awful and the body language would surely follow.

Nope, my job (and luckily my personality is the same) is to look for something that I can really like about my client. Whether it’s as shallow as their looks or as deep as their vulnerabilities, I go looking.  Once I have found that certain something, the photography is significantly easier – at least, it’s easier to work with the person even if I am hunting for the best angles and lighting.

And all this reminds me of a client of ours who clattered into the studio one morning and told us she’d just bumped into an old friend of hers with a new baby that she had on a Baby Trend Expedition-Jogger-Stroller. The two mums (my client has a couple of young children) made small talk for a while and then inevitable had to happen: she had to compliment her friend’s newborn lying asleep, peacefully, in its buggy.

And here’s the thing: babies, it turns out, are not always that beautiful. Now if they’re YOUR child, then, of course, they are the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, but if they’re someone else’s…

I Must Not Lie

“So,” my client stuttered at me and the team, “I peeked under the hood of the buggy and there was this baby.”

We like to think we’re a good audience here, so we all sat attentively, waiting to hear how beautiful this baby must surely have been.

My client drew in a short breath and gasped “but it was simply the ugliest baby I had ever seen and all I good think of saying was ‘nice pram’!”

See? You can ALWAYS find something to like about someone, even it’s their pram!

Molly’s Teenage Portraits

Anyway, these images are of Molly (and her mum, Rachel) who we didn’t need to go hunting for things to like: beautiful, funny, smart: the list would go on and on. My kind of session!

We do a lot of this kind of teenage portrait shoot – nearly always commissioned by parents. The end goal can be anything from a single, stunning piece of art on the wall, an album for the coffee table, or a wide range of items to give as gifts (such as these Lolli & Pops artisan chocolates). Whichever it is, we treat the session in the same way: laughter. A couple of hours of messing around really! It’s a lot of fun and, in this instance, resulted in the most beautiful album (I’ll post the album design in a separate blog.)

Molly was incredibly lovely, which is to be expected given her mum has been a client of mine for years and we’ve always had a brilliant relationship. Both of them are beautiful too! The shoot seemed to fly by but we managed to create a really wide range of images from dark and moody to bright and cheerful. We even managed to persuade Rachel to be in front of the camera for a few too! 


Your Portrait Photography Session

There’s never a better time to have a portrait session with your loved ones than right now.  If you’re interested, you can read more portrait photography stories, view our portrait portfolios or get in touch to book yours. While everything in this world is seemingly changing so fast, a beautiful image on a wall or a personally designed bespoke album will last a lifetime!