Five Frames To Fill With Family Photography

Family photography is always a joy, possibly an adventure, never, ever a chore – but then, just sometimes, it is, quite, simply amazing!

It’s that time of year when we look to refresh many of our portfolio images and to update the art that we have on the walls of of various locations. In this instance, we needed to create some new images for our frames in the Little Italy Espresso Bar right here in Haddenham.

And so we met the beautiful Scarlett and her equally beautiful sister Ebony.

Who Is Actually In Control?

Now I like to think it’s me who’s  in control of a portrait shoot but sometimes it’s actually the kids who have the measure of me

Scarlett and Ebony are both simply wonderful children and they made us all laugh from the minute they arrived. Full of life and laughter, full of cheekiness and smiles: kids being kids.

And that’s how we approached this kids shoot – we messed around, giggled a little, laughed a lot and generally bounced around our studio and garden. The only challenge is, unlike my subjects, I am not a child – I was shattered at the end! Haha.

Family Photography (To A Tight Brief)

This was an interesting shoot in that it was for a very specific brief: to create images for five, large square frames that Little Italy have on their wall.

When you’re faced with a brief like this, it might seem like shooting is harder thank having the usual free-rein (it’s certainly more restrictive) but in many ways it actually helps a little as I can easily pre-visiualise the images and how they’re going to work out (particularly as squares!)

Anyway, the girls (and their beautiful mum, Kelly) were simply lovely to work with and, oh my goodness, did we create some images – so many that we could have created a dozen or so sets of frames. Family portrait photography like this is still one of my all-time loves as it is how I started in the first place as I used to take pictures of my own family when they were young and those pictures still hold a huge place in my heart.

A wonderful family shoot and the outcome seems to speak for itself as we are getting lovely comments (and a booking or two) from people who’ve seen them!