Family Portraits of Mimi, Milos & Dominik

Well it’s a really funny time I guess, there’s no getting away from that, but some things are certain: our dog will always try to get on the sofa and/or bed every 20 minutes, insurance premiums will rise, facts are not ‘alternative’ and your family will always be the most precious thing imaginable – and family portraits become more and more priceless as time marches on!

And that could not be more true with this lovely family!  

Flat Cap + Duffle Coat = Lovely Family Portraits!

Take a handsome little fella in a flat cap,  two lovely parents, a pinch of September sunshine, a sprinkle of beautiful backdrop and you have the perfect ingredient for a family shoot! Dominik is such a lovely little guy with big eyes and a huge grin! The weather hadn’t been quite as kind as it could have been (it was cold!) but, hey, this is the UK in September so it’s sort of to be expected. Besides, a duffle coat and a cap are always going to make for lovely images!

It’s all about the laughter…

Part of the fun of creating family portraits is precisely that: fun. To get the kind of images I love (natural and relaxed), you have to make sure the session is fun – particularly for kids! The best way to do that is to mess around and laugh a lot – something that is really easy to do when your clients are this nice!

Mimi and Milos are so unbelievably proud of Dominik and you can see it in these images. I love the pictures that show the bond between them as it just reminds me of our family and how much they all mean to me!

My favourite picture, though, has to be the one I’ve used as the header image for this page – Dominik is such a wonderful character!

Enjoy some of the images from this wonderful couple of hours spent laughing!