Emma: Images From One Of Our Portrait Photography Workshops

I’m sitting here planning one of our portrait photography workshops that we’re to be running in a few weeks, and so I thought I’d post some images from one we ran late last year.

As is so often the case with our masterclasses, we spent the entire day talking through all the aspects of a portrait photography business, not just camera-craft and people-posing.

For me, the toughest part of running one these days is the need to be logical explaining quite what it is that I do. I know, I know, if I can’t articulate precisely what it is that I do then who on earth can? But therein lies the problem: I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was small and so much of what I do has become second nature! Still, rest assured I am figuring effective explanations of the dark-forces of photography!

Anyway, Emma (an old friend of ours) kindly came as a friendly face in front of the lens, while our client and I talked, laughed, explained and explored, captured and created, delved, documented and deleted until exhaustion won over and we finished the day both enriched and enlightened (and with a load of images to boot!)

If you fancy further developing your photography or business then why not drop us a line? You can read more about our one-to-one workshops here!

In the meantime, here are just a few of the pictures we created during the day – enjoy!