Jane and Stewart: Two’s Company At Le Manoir…

A very good year!

It’s been a lovely day today – but then, life at the moment is pretty cool all round: I don’t remember ever having more fun working with clients or creating images!  It was unexpectedly warm today which was an added bonus for creating family portraits out in the sunshine. 

However, cast your minds back a month to this time in October and it was even warmer – so much so, that creating images outside was a warm and uncoated affair! 

That was particularly lucky for Jane and Stewart’s wedding as, with only the two of them there, it would have been a shame if the weather had meant we couldn’t photograph them as it wasn’t an option to go and socialise with a big crowd of celebratory guests!

Their wedding was simply stunning. 

I met them first in one of Le Manoir’s warm and welcoming lounges where they were having a glass of wine and just chilling out before they tied the knot.  I always think this is a wonderful way to spend your wedding day.  I know it is a tradition – though goodness knows where that particular tradition originated – to be separated on the day of your wedding, however, I do think it’s a lovely thing to spend the whole day together!

The weather was beautiful and I’d already taken some pictures of this picturesque venue on my way in and, once we had the bride and groom out in the sunshine, it was always going to result in some wonderful images!

 A Simply Beautiful Le Manoir Wedding

The wedding was simple and romantic – two things that the Le Manoir wedding team does magnificently well!

Simple, romantic and just the two of them. Well, OK, just the two of them, plus me, two registrars and Rui and Lucy from Le Manoir to act as witnesses! Apart from that, just the two of them! Luckily the registrars (Michael and Julia in this case) are some of the nicest in the business – full of humour and laughter as well as the necessary officialdom – and so the ceremony was gentle, joyous and romantic. 

Simple and romantic – two things that the Le Manoir wedding team does magnificently well!

Such a beautiful day, such a lovely couple!

One of the things that made me laugh was, as they wished to send some pictures from the day to their family, I was required to take some on their iPhone for sending out later in the evening. So, I had to put my camera down and act like a regular plugged-in guest and use Apple’s finest so they had some they could send out during their meal. Funny.

Sp, here are just a few of the images (and no, none of these is from the iPhone) to have a look through. Enjoy!