Kate and Darrell’s Wedding At The Crazy Bear In Beaconsfield

A Weird Time.

Really? Christmas tunes are already playing on the TV adverts and Donald Trump is the 45th President Of The United States Of America.  Not sure quite what leaves me more bemused – the craziness that is Christmas or the fact our place in the world as the owner of Brexit has been unexpectedly usurped by someone claiming to have developed Brexit-plus-plus-plus (is it just me or does that no sound like something you’d get at the pharmacist for a migraine (“be aware this drug may leave you with discomfort and unpredictable side-effects“.)

The Crazy Bear is one of THE coolest venues for a wedding!

It has been an incredible year this one, on more fronts than you can imagine, and we have had the privilege of creating images with some absolutely amazing people from one side of the globe to the other but, in the end, my favourite places to be working are all much closer to home – and it’s a real joy when I get to shoot wedding photography at the Crazy Bear!

Wedding Photography At The Crazy Bear

I talk about The Crazy Bear as if it’s singular but, in fact, there are three of them (Oxford, London, Beaconsfield) each with their own unique flavour, each of them glorious! Kate and Darrell had their wedding in Beaconsfield which, it has to be said, is one of the coolest venues .you could step foot in (you should go – there really isn’t another venue like this!)

So many fantastic memories from this day from the girls getting ready to the emotions of the ceremony and the hilarity of the speeches. But, and maybe I’m being selfish here, I loved the twenty minutes we spent away from the crowd to create some images with just Kate and Darrell in this oh-so-funky venue! 

Loved this day; even a little rain didn’t manage to dampen things. Actually, come to think of it, the rain DID manage to dampen things physically but it did nothing to dull the party atmosphere!

Enjoy a few images from the day!