Royal Institution BBC Christmas Lectures 2016: It’s All About The Energy

For those of you who know me, you’ll know I originally completed a degree in Industrial Designer and then a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (don’t ask – things have moved on a long way since I completed it!) so science and research have been close to my heart for a very long time!

One of my earliest Christmas memories, along with copious selection boxes, tangerines and nuts in my stocking (really? Tangerines and nuts.  What good are they to a small child?!), the Queen’s Speech (it was compulsory), and dripping sandwiches (it was the seventies: eating lard on bread after a meal was considered perfectly normal – I’m firmly expecting a heart attack to be my chosen method to exit this world) is sitting with my dad being completely enthralled by the BBC’s Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution on topics that I’m not sure I entirely understood. Still, understanding the topic didn’t seem to be a problem: I absolutely loved them!

So imagine the excitement I go through every year when we kick off the PR photography in advance of the lecture series!

This year the topic is Energy and the lecturer presenting the subject is Professor Saiful Islam, professor of Materials Chemistry at the University of Bath, who not only has a brain that is suitably super-sized but is also a thoroughly lovely guy.

This year’s shoot was held mostly on the streets of London where we wandered around Westminster, creating images that could be used to under-pin the story of the 2016 lectures, while trying not to cause any kind of obstruction or get ourselves mugged!

If you’re interested (and you should be) the details of this year’s brilliant lectures can be found here.