Photography in the rain (what to do when the weather doesn’t play ball!)

When we originally scheduled this particular shoot for our Mastering Portrait Photography series of videos, we didn’t anticipate that we’d be doing the photography in the rain but such is the craziness of the British climate, that’s exactly what happened (though that is not quite the whole story!)

Portrait photography in the rain is always entertaining!

Creating portraits in the rain is always entertaining!

Our plan, as you might expect at this time of year, was to create some images in glorious watery sunshine with bright, colourful spring flowers – you know the kind of thing, daffodils (though I’ve never liked them!), tulips and, of course, the obligatory bluebells, the staple of all portrait photographers. Watching the weather forecast, however, suggested we might want to reconsider: it was forecasting 99% chance of 4.8mm of rain which, frankly, suggested our plan for outdoor, sunny was somewhat flawed! So, rather than having to photograph in the rain out in the woods, we opted to work here in our studio garden as, after all, we do have plenty of cover and one or two spring flowers we might be able to use.

And that, turned out to be our mistake – you’d think after all these years of living and working in the UK, I’d know not to trust the weather forecast too much – even though photography in the rain is a fairly regular outcome! At the last minute, we changed tack to make use of the foretold precipitation (technically it was due to absolutely lash it down) and then the unthinkable happened: it simply didn’t rain!


Photography In The Rain (How We Faked It)

However, Jackie and the team who look after Turn End Garden where we shoot had the answer: a hosepipe and a long lance with a rose sprinkler on the end. Not ideal but, given the rather surprising (and, frankly, uncharacteristic lack of rain) we had to think fast as not only were we expecting rain, we were betting on there being a lot of it!

One of our long-standing friends and clients, Nicki, and her gorgeous daughter Amelia, had agreed to come and be models for us and so we set about creating some images.

Incidentally, the first couple of images were taken in the studio: what else would you do when you have a a princess (in her favourite princess dress) in front of you?!

After that, we set about creating a couple of different images to illustrate both spring time photography and photography in the rain.

Luckily for us, both Nicki and Amelie are very very lovely, as well as being photogenic, and let us do pretty much anything we needed for the shoot. Look out for the Master Portrait Photography website and YouTube channel later in the year (we’ll post links on the blog) to see all of the finihed content.

Until then enjoy these few images!