Lizzie: Location Portrait Photography

Whether it’s for a wedding or portrait photography, it’s always a shame when the weather breaks, particularly after we’ve had a spell of such warm spring days. Prior to today, we’ve had a few perfect days of spring sunshine: I simply love the warmth and there is, well, an inexplicable smell in the air. To me, it literally smells like the seasons are rolling forward. Tomorrow, it’s due to be sunny once more. Today? Well, today was, frankly, everything you dread as a photographer. Cold. Wet. Dark. And I was photographing a wedding. A wedding at which, for various reasons, it was also not possible to use any kind of flash. A challenging day but, as it happens, one that I thoroughly enjoyed primarily because the couple were lovely and the wedding was simply beautiful. And I think I have some really lovely images from it.

Anyway, more of that shoot in the coming weeks once I have permission to show the photographs.

Location Portrait Photography in Haddenham

We have the perfect location here for portrait sessions!

Lizzie’s Portrait Photography

The images below are from a day that was, climatically speaking, a little less formidable than today. As a birthday gift (now that is a cool gift!) Lizzie came to have some studio and location portrait photography. And it was a wonderful session! Once again, we were working with the fabulous makeup artist Abbie Martin who always brings such a wonderful quality to the finished images. Having a makeup artist for female portraits  is always a fabulous idea – apart from anything else, it seems to make my clients more confident in front of the camera!

Our studio is perfect for portrait photography: we have plenty of room for Abbie to work (though I know we need a specialist chair that’s a perfect height for makeup!) and we can work in the studio, the garden and the street itself. Each has its own strengths (and weaknesses of course) and we can create a variety of images while always being able to duck back inside for makeup touch-up and changes of outfit.  Sometimes I think the bit that parents enjoy the most is that they can sit and chill out while me and my team look after the photography (as well as making sure there is always a plentiful supply of tea and cookies!)

Beautiful light, perfect location and lovely client. What else were we going to do but create gorgeous images? Enjoy!