A Stunning Late Autumn Wedding In Somerset!

Isabella and Simon's Wedding was stunning - and just look at the light!

Isabella and Simon’s Wedding was stunning – and just LOOK at the light!

Photography is not, as some might believe, a particularly easy living. Long, long hours, hard work (my poor knees take a beating!) and the constant nagging doubt that you’re not being creative enough. Normal stuff really.

And yet I love it. For all the reliance on Neurofen and Caffeine it requires!

It’s an exciting year this year with more weddings booked than we’ve ever had: we set ourselves a limit at 25 and beyond that it’s dependent on whether we’d like to take on any more. This is something we’ve always done as each wedding is completely unique (though each will have a recognisable pattern just as songs are all different but with a similar structure) and we want to be able to spend time with each of our clients, getting to know them just a little and making sure the experience they have with us is as unique and personal as the day itself. Otherwise, what’s the point? I have always believed you have to genuinely care about the bride and groom to shoot a wedding. You don’t just go through the motions. Or at least, we don’t.

With Isabella and Simon we couldn’t have cared more. I worked with Isabella when she was part of the Le Manoir events team and it was an absolute honour to be asked to photograph her wedding to Simon. Such a thrill!

I started at the Manor House Hotel in Castle Combe where Isabella was getting ready – ha, had to smile as walked up to the front of this beautiful venue to find a scarlet E-Type Jag. Going to be a good day!

And, so it proved to be! Romance in spades, gorgeous venues, and light, wow, the light! Beautiful, beautiful wintery light.

Utterly adored this wedding – enjoy a few of the pictures from the day!