Sunny Soprano Sets Our Studio Alight

Anna Patalong is not only a fabulous soprano, she's also a real joy to work with!
Anna Patalong is not only a fabulous soprano, she’s also a real joy to work with!

It’s a wonderful thing.

When someone walks into our studio and you just know you’re going to get some beautiful images (and, just as importantly, have a huge amount of fun in the process.)  It’s not about looks, or fashion, or styling – though these were all in abundance – nope, it’s much more subtle.  It’s all about character.  And laughter.

When someone walks into the studio and you know immediately that you’re going to get on – and, in that same instant, you know going to get some beautiful images.

Like I said, it’s a wonderful thing.

Anna Patalong is a world-class soprano with an incredible list of credits to her name. It does also mean that she is comfortable as a performer and when I say ‘comfortable‘ I really do mean like most people breath, Anna performs: it’s woven into her very DNA I suspect.  She had asked us for some portrait headshots for PR work and marketing and so we had booked a day in our diaries and kept our fingers crossed that it the weather would be kind as we though the outdoor setting would suit the look we had in mind: very natural, informal, beautiful (of course), sunny (well, if we were lucky!).

The garden here doesn’t suit an edgy teenage fashion session – there is no graffiti anywhere in sight – but for a classic musician, well it could not have been more perfect.  And, as luck would have it, narrow shafts of sunlight, weaved their way through the foliage, creating tiny pools of light in which to work – something I have always loved to do!

Mostly we laughed.  I say this a lot but it’s true: mostly we laughed.  Not about anything in particular, just laughter because we were enjoying the process of creating the images. Anna has a character that is even bigger than her voice (and that’s saying something.)  And it is just as captivating. I haven’t yet heard her sing ‘up close and personal’ – much to my regret as I think i probably could have persuaded her – but I know from her reputation (and a sneaky peak at her YouTube videos!) that she is a towering talent.  In fact, it’s the only thing I’m kicking myself for is that I didn’t ask her to sing.  I suppose I felt it wasn’t appropriate, but I had a world-renowned soprano in our garden and I didn’t ask her to sing.  Next time, sigh, next time.

Yet I would guess that it’s not just her voice that enthralls audiences across the globe, holding them captive for hours at a time, it’s that glint in her eye and the joy she exudes.  And the confidence in her own ability and the impact she has on anyone around her.  And do you know what?  It was that character that set our studio alight.


If you’re a performer, actor, musician or you simply need a portfolio of headshots / portraits for your work, then why not drop us a line now?  There is no time like the present and you, too, could have images like these!

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  • Pedro Portela
    22nd July 2016 at 9:08 am  - Reply

    Headshots is the photographic discipline I always love doing, but don’t do enough of them. You do excel at them. The ones in the studio are my favourite 🙂

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