Late Summer Family Portraits: The Jacksons

Ah, it has been such a beautiful summer this year. I know, I know, people keep telling me it’s been rubbish but, honestly, I think it must have been cold and wet at the weekends but, given we shoot 7 days a week, maybe I’ve just been lucky with the midweek shoots! Either way, we’ve had a string of beautiful outdoor and location family portraits, either here at our studio and garden or, occasionally further afield (can’t wait to share the engagment shoot we’ve just had down in Castle Combe – stunning!)

It’s nice being outside (though, of course if it’s here we can leap back inside the studio whenever we feel) as I think it’s more informal – something the kids appreciate as much as their parents! Summer family portraits need to be full of joy or we’ve somehow missed the point!

The Jackson Family

We’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Jackson family ever since they came in with Emelia as a new-born and they are one of our favourite clients. Helen and Paul always come in with ideas (and plenty of energy!) and we have created some really lovely images with them over the past couple of years!

This shoot during September had a lovely warmth to it – though admittedly the sun didn’t come out! We only went inside the studio for a little variety (and fairy wings of course!) It’s really nice for us here when we have clients over a long period of time as each shoot becomes more and more relaxed, though I guess we’re pretty chilled during the first shoot too!

Anyway, enjoy these images of a very lovely family!