Kevin Fong PR Images for the BBC Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

Well, the autumn is well under way and we’ve just come through the MPA Master Photography Awards (which is a dead-cert marker in the diary that the autumn is right upon us and the clocks are about to go backwards!)

I couldn’t enter the awards this year as, in my role as the Chair of the MPA, it would be just a little inappropriate! So instead, I have been involved in the judging of the awards and helping behind the scenes, as well as helping to present them! All good fun but now it’s back to focussing on the remainder of the year here at our studio.

The weather has been rubbish today and it does have that chilly edge that you’d expect at this time of the year, but some of the shoots we’re doing are just gorgeous: this has always been one of my favourite times to work as the colours are off the top of the scale (but you do have to time your shoots between the showers!) We still have a few weeks of shooting in time for Christmas gifts so, if you’d like a shoot, why not grab the opportunity and drop us a line?

Kevin Fong PR Images

Working with the Royal Institution is one of my annual highlights!

Working with the Royal Institution is one of my annual highlights! With my background in technology and science, working with them is always a real thrill! This year’s BBC Christmas lectures are being presented by Kevin Fong on How To Survive In Space and so we spent a brilliant day creating images with him and the RIGB team at Airbus Defence and Space: you may have seen some of the images in the press already as this was done and dusted back in July (we always have to complete them early in the year to give plenty of time for them to be on websites and in the press to promote the event – and getting approval of the images with the BBC isn’t a quick process!)

The TV recordings are in December and, along with Le Manoir’s Carol Concerts, are a real Christmas treat for me! Can’t wait to see the lectures now! Once I have the broadcast dates/times I’ll let you know.

Until then, here are just a few of the PR images for the show. Enjoy.