Sarah and Sarah’s Wedding in York

Just beautiful

Just beautiful

Sometimes you get lucky. Really lucky.It hadn’t stopped raining for a day or two and I was headed to York to have the pleasure of photographing the same sex wedding for Sarah and Sarah – something that has only recently been legal in the UK and so it was a real privilege to do.  And I’ll be honest I was really looking forward to the day! However, it does have to be said that it is a remarkably long nighttime drive from here in Haddenham up to York with the thought of a rain-drenched wedding playing on your mind!

Sure enough, on the morning of the big day it was still raining. Hard. As everyone went through hair and makeup; still raining. As the family arrived; still raining. As the guests gathered in the bar prior to the cab ride across town; STILL RAINING.

An amazing wedding in a gorgeous city. Perfect people, perfect location, perfect light.

Then, abruptly, the rain, well, just stopped! So, as we climbed into the various taxis to the registry office, the sun found a gap through the clouds and York glistened and gleamed in its sudden and much welcome sunlight.

This was always going to be a gorgeous day irrespective of the weather; the couple, the location, the family.  I had no doubt this wedding would be beautiful. But, with the addition of sunshine cutting through a rainy day, it was simply divine.

Sarah and Sarah were everything you’d hope for from a couple – lovely company and really keen to go and create some images on their own.  OK, so maybe that latter point is a bonus reserved for photographers.  But either way, a bonus it was!

I loved all of the day, but my favourite part was the meandering walk the three of us took through this historic city from the registry office back to the hotel, creating images in the streets and alleyways as we went.  Though we didn™t exactly have unlimited time, it was every photographers dream to be on York’s famous walls as the sun disappeared below the horizon.

A gorgeous same sex wedding in a sublime location.  In the sunshine. With lovely lovely people.  And some really beautiful images too.  But I would say that wouldn’t?