Rosie and Ethan Family Photography

I cant help it. I know. People tell me. I am a little enthusiastic about what we do. Can you blame me? Think about it. Go on, really.

Can you blame me?

Sometimes, it's the laughter above all else that is completely captivating!

Sometimes, it’s the laughter above all else that is completely captivating!

Every day I meet the most incredible people and I get to chat, laugh, sympathise, gossip (yes, I admit, I dont mind a little gossip now and then) and generally revel in others company. Occasionally their stories are sad and they make all of us cry. Not often, but sometimes. We are the kind of team who form relationships with our clients. Nice relationships. When our clients laugh were all on a high but, when theyre sad, we share tears both with and for them.

Our team is like that.

Theres Sarah, the considered one. The strategist. Shes the rock-solid one. Never flaky (though dont confuse that with not having strong opinions; cross her at your peril.) Shes the planner of the business.

Theres Michelle, the always cheerful one. With just a touch of OCD. Neither a hair nor a pen out of place. Always happy to talk on the phone. Always making lists and keeping her desk clear. Always making our clients smile. Come to think of it always making the whole team smile.

Theres Megan. The youngest one. She’s new to the team and full of enthusiasm and ideas. Full of emotions close to the surface. Chock full of talent. Crazy amount of talent. Always asking for stuff to do. Never happy doing nothing. Never sitting back.

Then theres me. The one who began it all. The one who will spend all day messing around with a camera, laughing cause its my favourite thing to be doing. Happy cause I love being in the company of others. Happy cause I know – though it may not be obvious to the observer – that Im creating images.

And somehow, in this mix of personalities and friendships, we create images. Photographs. Art. Stuff for the walls. Stuff from the heart.

When Rosie and Ethan came for their family photography shoot we could not have been more excited. There is a back story. Its not one that I can share, but its there and it makes us want to cry. Its there in the relationship between the two of them. Its there in the bond between mother and son. And its there in the way we feel about the two of them. Seriously, we could not have been more excited. Rosie is one of the loveliest people we have ever had the pleasure to work with and Ethan is testimony to her.

And you can see it. Its in there. All that emotion.

Its right there.

Its right there in the images.

Simply beautiful.

Enjoy! Cheers P.