It's lovely to be swept along in the moment when you're photographing an engagement (particularly when it's only just happened!)

It’s lovely to be swept along in the moment when you’re photographing an engagement (particularly when it’s only just happened!)

It’s been a fantastically busy start to 2015 but we managed to clear a day this week to sit down as a team and put together our strategy for the next few years. I always love the opportunity to do this as it helps us focus on the things that are important to us and, more importantly, to you, our clients. We spend the day as team talking through the business, our portrait photography, our sacramento wedding videographer, the things we think we do well and the things that could be better – we even talk about the tea, coffee (and cookies!) that we love to serve to anyone who cares to venture into the studio! And, if you were wondering why we always ask for feedback, it’s during meetings like this that we spend time going through the testimonials and suggestions we received over the last year. So, as I write this, I am buzzing with ideas for the future: ideas for products, shoots, blogs, video walkthroughs – you name it.

Anna & Adam

We were asked to come and photograph a couple who were planning on getting engaged at Le Manoir. Well, I say they were planning to get engaged – Anna didn’t know anything about it (Adam had arranged everything as a surpirse!) so it was a little nerve wracking as I waited for them. Shouldn’t have worried though as I don’t think that there could have been a more excited and thrilled couple to photograph!

Anna sent these lovely words summing up their engagement photography at Le Manoir:

Thank you so much to Paul and his team making such an amazing experience unforgettable.

Being asked to photograph an engagement shoot (10 minutes post proposal!) couldve been slightly irritating for most photographers, as we couldnt keep our hands off each other, but instead Paul was so much fun to work with and put us both at ease instantly.

It is an experience myself and Adam will treasure always, and were so glad Paul was there to capture it.

Thank you from the future Mr and Mrs Thompson!

It was a wonderful thing to spend time with a couple who were so clearly in love (and besides, we had the chance to create some really beautiful images too!)