Huifen & Kelvin’s Le Manoir Wedding

Photography by Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.

Huifen and Kelvin’s wedding is one of our favourite Le Manoir Weddings of all time! Simply beautiful!

Itís a brand new shiny year, all gleaming and unsullied. A bit like a new car, you know the sort of thing; youíre still unfamiliar with its layout and controls but itís exciting and slightly daunting to climb behind the wheel (and with that Ďbrand new carí smell thrown in for good measure!) Thatís how 2015 feels right now.

This year is looking to be really quite a year ahead and we have much to talk about; being Chair of the Master Photographerís Association is absorbing much of my time, though itís a real thrill; I am co-writing a book (ďMastering Portrait Photographyí) that will be out in the autumn; we have the most incredible diary of weddings and portraits and our weíre growing our team here at the studio. I canít remember the last time I have felt so excited about the dawning of a new year.

I canít remember the last time I have felt so excited about the dawning of a new year.

And this is one of our favourite weddings from last year Ė Huifen and Kelvinís Le Manoir wedding. It was such beautifully sunny day that was rich with colour and joy! We started out with an absolutely stunning Tea Ceremony (Huifen looked incredible in her traditional scarlet dress) and then moved over to the more familiar format at Le Manoir. Even Raymond Blanc popped in to say Ďhelloí too as he often does which always makes our clients smile!

Utterly glorious.

One of favourite images of the whole year is that of Kelvin exuberantly toasting with his friends and family; the sheer joy of the moment is captivating!

So hereís to a very Happy New Year to all of you, our clients and our friends Ė we are all very much looking forward to working with you!

Paul and the team.