Master Photography Awards 2014 – A Fantastic Year!

MPA Location Portrait Of The Year 2014/15

MPA Location Portrait Of The Year 2014/15

So why is it that hotels simply dont get kettles right?

Theyre either teeny-tiny half-cup contraptions that coax the water warm or, like the hotel that hosted the MPA Photography Awards this year, theyre way too big to get under the tap! Had to fill it cup-by-cup-by-cup. And when you do finally get some hot water together there are only a two tea bags one of which is decaf! Given how little a couple of Tetleys finest would cost, I cannot figure why that is the target of any cost cutting! Surely just turning the heating down a little would give greater savings!

Still, enough of my storm about a tea cup as nothing could dull the excitement of being back at the Master Photography Awards. Ever since my inaugural awards in 2008, I have loved them; there is something utterly thrilling about being surrounded by a myriad of the best photography (and photographers!) on the planet. And over the years, many of them have become tremendous friends (and drinking partners!)

And this year was one of the best I have seen. So many incredible images! Which is both inspiring and terrifying – with so many beautiful pictures, it is always hard to imagine your work is going to be able to stand up or maybe even win a category award. And that is part of the fun I guess – seeing how well you can do in such hallowed company.

MPA Bridal Image Of The Year 2014/15

MPA Bridal Image Of The Year 2014/15

Well, with no small degree of excitement, I can say we came away with not one but three UK national titles; Bridal Image Of The Year, Lifestyle &Location Portrait Of The Year and the award for best Pet and Livestock Image for an image of Hearing Dog puppy Guy.

I cannot tell you how proud I am! Not just for the awards, but for the fact that all of them were were created during our regular sessions; each was shot for a client; each under the normal pressures of a shoot. Not one of them was shot with models or specifically for competitions. And I love that. I love the fact that we’re working that hard on behalf of our clients. Each and every one of them.

So in the end, we won 16 merits, 6 awards of excellence and 3 overall category wins!

And, if that wasn’t enough (and normally it would be!) I was also voted in as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Master Photographers Association. Which is the biggest honour (and possibly challenge!) of them all!

You can see all of our images that won awards below. Enjoy!